We love to find vintage items over 25 years old, and spruce up and provide our unique spin to the items with a fresh coat of paint, or a distinct finish. 


Just because it is contemporary, doesn't mean that you can't enjoy it or it can't be added to a specific type of decor.  You can add a splash of contemporary or modern to any decor.  We offer a mix of ideas and designs along with colors. 

Welcome to A Bit of Decor


You’re ready to improve something for your home, or your office or you just want to add a new color. We have a wide variety of furniture and accessories, available 6 days a week.  We are constantly updating and changing our products. Stop by for a look.  


The Market

5500 BellsFerry Rd​

Acworth, GA  30102



                       Hours: Monday-- Saturday 10:00 am to 7:00pm,  The Market



Offering unique decor, accessories, furniture and paint - through Vintage and Antique Furniture

We search the area for unique antiques, those that are in great shape, and those that need a little love.  We freshen things up and present in our location in Acworth, GA.